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Extra Heavy


Cardboard Pallet usage worldwide has expanded dramatically in recent years. Companies have started to embrace the many advantages such as lower freight costs due to the lighter weight, ease of disposable, recyclability, environmental impact, compliance with fumigation and pesticide regulations, and availability of custom sizes.

Yes there are “do’s and dont’s” with cardboard, most of which are the fairly obvious such as don’t leave unprotected in the rain, and do pack and stack the pallet correctly. One big plus with cardboard is that custom sizes can be manufactured with ease, meaning you can have pallets made to suit your specific requirements, and maximise container space restrictions.

BoxWorld is pleased to offer a range of standard sizes, most available ex stock or able to be manufactured promptly. In addition, we are pleased to make whatever other sizes/specifications you may require.

All the feet are 100mm cubes, each foot beign able to hold 100kg plus loading. There is a range of cardboard tops, designed to offer the load strength you require ... Base Grade, Standard, Heavy and Extra Heavy.

BoxWorld welcomes your enquiry and is please to offer demonstations of the cardboard pallets onsite, and/or samples if a site visit is not practical.

The pallet tops can be custom printed with your specific branding, loading instructions and re-use or disposal instructions. Corner guards and pallet boxes are all available to suit your needs.

The standard blank cardboard pallet sizes are as follows ...

Pallet Sizes

400 x 600, 400 x 800
600 x 600, 600 x 800
800 x 1200
1000 x 1200
1165x 1165
1200 x 2400